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Most Recent Public Videos

FastCode Seminar
Speaker: Tucker Taft of Adacore
Uploaded by lindalynch on February 18, 2020
HCI Seminar
Uploaded by amyshea on February 10, 2020
FastCode Seminar
Speaker: Bruce Maggs
Uploaded by lindalynch on November 25, 2019
FastCode Seminar
Speaker: Charith Mendis
Uploaded by lindalynch on November 18, 2019
FastCode Seminar
Speaker: Yunming Zhang
Uploaded by lindalynch on November 04, 2019
FastCode Seminar
Speaker: Alex Conway of Rutgers
Uploaded by lindalynch on October 21, 2019
FastCode Seminar
Speaker: Riyadh Baghdadi
Uploaded by lindalynch on September 23, 2019
Twan Koolen Thesis Defense
Speaker: Twan Koolen
Uploaded by steve on September 18, 2019
Fast Code Seminar
Uploaded by jshun on September 16, 2019
Uploaded by mr on September 13, 2019
FastCode Seminar
Speaker: Tao B. Schardl
Uploaded by lindalynch on August 20, 2019
Pete Florence Thesis Defense
Speaker: Pete Florence
Uploaded by steve on August 19, 2019
FastCode Seminar
Speaker: Maurice Herlihy
Uploaded by lindalynch on July 23, 2019
FastCode Seminar
Speaker: Song Han
Uploaded by lindalynch on July 16, 2019
Weakly Supervised Machine Learning at Scale
Speaker: Stephen Bach
Uploaded by dcurtis on June 20, 2019
LLVM Seminar
Speaker: Daniele Vettorel
Uploaded by neboat on June 17, 2019
FastCode Seminar
Speaker: Charles Leiserson
Uploaded by lindalynch on June 11, 2019
Understanding the Riemann Hypothesis
Uploaded by steverug on May 23, 2019
Uploaded by steverug on May 08, 2019
Stonebraker Talk on Kyrix
Uploaded by dcurtis on April 18, 2019
Alan Edelman talks about Julia
Uploaded by dcurtis on March 28, 2019
TOC Seminar: Probabilistic logspace algorithms for Laplacian solvers
Speaker: Dean Doron
Uploaded by dlehto on December 11, 2018