What's the difference between REPLAY and the CSAIL Video Archive?

The CSAIL Video Archive predates REPLAY by many years. It is a central location for videos about CSAIL things, and these videos can come from many different sources; for example, they might be from individual research groups, from students, or recorded by our staff videographer.

REPLAY is only for videos that are recoded in a handful of conference rooms in the Stata Center (currently, Kiva and Star). The only videos we host on the REPLAY website are the ones that are recorded by this system.

What's a video permission form and why do I need one?

If you are going to schedule a recording of a talk, you need to get the speaker's permission to do so. Although in the past some people have lived dangerously by not doing so, anything that is recorded by REPLAY must have a signed release. This is a best practice, and our release form is modeled after the MIT release form.

Can I have my REPLAY video edited? Like have it trimmed, cut up into smaller videos, etc.?

REPLAY is meant to be a no-frills, self-service system, and as such, does not have any built-in editing capability. We also do not have staff who can routinely manage the videos recorded this way.

If you have particular videographic needs that do not fit this model of use, we suggest either hiring a company to record and edit/produce the event, or arranging for our in-house videographer to do so.

With that being said, there is no reason you cannot download your raw video from its page on REPLAY (there are download links provided), import it into your video editing software, do your own trimming, and then upload the video back to the REPLAY site. If you think you might need to do this sort of thing a lot, please let us know and we will arrange a tutorial session for you.

Does every event that happens in Star/Kiva automatically get recorded?

No. By default, nothing is ever recorded; you must choose to record an event when you book the room in the CSAIL Calendar.

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